Young at Heart Retreats

Plant, Nourish, and Cultivate the Best Version of Yourself

Engaging, Interactive,
and Experiential Info-tainment

Feel burned out and stressed from the same old routines?

Young at Heart Retreats LogoRunaway from mediocrity to have fun, smile, and laugh with us! Recharge and reboot while discovering the elements of who we are as individuals.

Breakaway from life and have the opportunity to experience different aspects of personal and corporate development.

When you attend the Young at Heart Retreats, you’ll grow and develop to become a better version of yourself. Your only job is to have fun!

Renewal at the retreat is the process of creating the best version of yourself. Superior communication is the lifeblood of all relationships. Communicate better in your personal and professional relationships.

Every retreat is customized exclusivly for your organization!

Young at Heart Retreats

Young at Heart RetreatsExperience creative, original, unique, exciting, and enjoyable activities in a safe and fun environment.

Young at Heart Retreats blends leadership development, communication, and team-building into an atmosphere designed to support FUN and LEARNING.

Engaging | Interactive | Experiential

A combination of entertainment with a practical application of skills will increase lasting effectiveness and productivity of personal and organizational transactions.

With every retreat being original from the previous one, you’ll experience a different engaging and interactive info-taining experience every time.

Proving that talking heads and fun
are not mutually exclusive!


  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Physical Health
  • Rejuvenation
  • Youthfulness
  • Motivation
  • Better Relationships
  • Internal Communication
  • External Communication


  • Improved Communications
  • Lower Transactional Costs
  • Leadership Development
  • Create Mutual Respect
  • Create Mutual Understanding
  • Community Building
  • Team Building
  • Employee Retention
  • Goal Setting

Runaway from mediocrity!

The Value

The big result is people want more from life!

Being Young at Heart is the opposite of being old at heart. We’ll bring back your youthfulness.

Moving the needle forward on the vitality continuum produces lasting transformation. Be introduced to imperative principles and have fun putting them to use through practical applications.

Develop new rituals to implement on a daily basis for consistent improvement!

Various Activites

  • Meditation
  • Yoga/Movement
  • Communication
  • Improv/Comedy
  • Masterminds/Brainstorming
  • Speakers
  • Workshops
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Outdoor activities based on location
  • …and much MUCH more!!!

“This isn’t the end,
it’s the beginning!”


Communications is one of the most significant, if not the most important, points of influence in our lives. This is the introduction to the chi of building a superior connection with others, or the spirit of communications. This mini-course highlights the essence and critical elements of our basic communication style.

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Make those 2-millimeter adjustments to create a 100% change in the game of life!

Mastermind Groups

Napoleon Hill, in his book Think & Grow Rich, describes masterminds as… “Masterminds are for people who are influencers or would like to be more effective influencers.”

They’re for people who want more, and most importantly, are capable of handling more.

Come to learn how to effectively juggle and balance chain-saws in their various endeavors.

Keeping the groups small, at each session, every member has ample time to talk about their challenges and provide feedback to others.


Personal vitality and intrapersonal relationships go hand-in-hand. Wealthy people are not wealthy because they have a lot of money. There are many people with money who do not have an abundance of wealth in their lives, they’re miserable while taking many pharmaceutical meds to cover up their unhappiness and insecurities.

Truly successful people with wealth are highly successful in creating personal relationships throughout their lifetime. Valuing the relationships above money creates true happiness and fulfillment.

On our death beds, we will not remember how much money we had but by our personal relationships. Personal relationships are the chi of life. Communication is the lifeblood of all relationships.

Creating a higher frequency in our communication is the fabric that connects us with all others!

What People Are Saying…

“It made me feel so good to see the audience engaged, obviously enjoying themselves and each other and learning together.”
– K. Krause, Vice President, Fossil Operations, Wisconsin Electric Power Company


“It was motivational and left me with fond memories; it was loaded with vast learning skills.”
– K. O’Dell, Member of The International Clown Hall of Fame


“I’ve been to many seminars before this one, yet this has the most substance and most fun I have ever had.”
– R. Bergold, McDonalds Corporation


“Entices the audience to learn, grow, laugh, and take life a bit lighter.”
– T. Ward, Training Consultant, MGIC

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