Dr. Arthur Rapkin

Dr. Rapkin is a keynote speaker, presenter, facilitator, and founder of Young at Heart Retreats.

He weaves personal storytelling, humor and audience participation together providing a vehicle for making personal and relational connections.

Creating an environment for personal mastery resulting in organizational and cultural vitality is his primary mission.

Dr. Rapkin transcends traditional paradigms in healing. With a Doctorate in Oriental Medicine, physical, emotional, and spiritual connections are the focus of his work.

As a healer, he works with individuals and groups. His philosophy, “Ancient Methods for Modern Times,” integrates visualization, meditation, acupuncture, herbology, breathwork, and counseling to facilitate change and vitality.

Dr. Rapkin serves the corporate sector, cultivating personal growth and organizational change. He has taught in universities including; The Medical College of Wisconsin, Marquette University, University of Wisconsin, and Cardinal Stritch College.

His work has been featured in publications and he has appeared on radio and television programs, including, “60 Minutes.”

Dr. Rapkin is available for conferences, group presentations, individual sessions, and will design workshops to meet your specific needs.

Lucas J. Robak

Lucas was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) at the end of May 2014.

At the time, he was trying to build a life coaching and speaking business as a certified master NLP practitioner while publishing books and going back to college for a second bachelors degree.

While in his hospital room for 3-days, instead of researching what MS is, he began researching how to successfully live with one of the most debilitating neurological disorders.

That’s when everything changed!

Because your optimal health is so important to him, he created incredible opportunities for everyone to benefit from by founding The Wellness Fair about 10 months after his diagnosis.

It was in this community where he met Dr. Arthur Rapkin and the two clicked to create Young at Heart Retreats!